أَنْجَزَ \ accomplish: to finish (work, etc.) successfully; fulfil (sth. planned): The change to a different form of government was accomplished without fighting or opposition. achieve: to get sth. (success, one’s aim, etc.) by trying: He proved his worth as a young officer and soon achieved the rank of captain. do: to perform (work, one’s duty, one’s best, right, wrong, etc.): I have a lot to do, (used generally instead of a particular verb of action) attend to; deal with; set in order: Have you done (or written) that report yet? Has the cook done (or prepared) the vegatables for dinner? Have you done (or cleaned) your teeth?. fulfil: to carry out; perform (a promise, an order, a duty, etc.). go through, (go over): (with with) to complete: If you start a course, you must go through with it. perform. \ See Also حَصَلَ عَلَى، أحرز (أَحْرَزَ)، حقق (حَقَّقَ)‏

Arabic-English glossary. 2015.

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